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Hear the best Presidential parodies on the internet!

“Bush Raps” is a new cd we made just for the 2004 election. It features 21 parody songs from 21 different artists, all using the voice of Dubya, set to original music. The styles vary considerably, but the voice of Dubya comes through in every track. It’s hilarious. It’s scary. It’s a new form of protest music. It’s Dubya telling the straight truth in his own words, rapping and getting funky. It’s the absolute cutting edge of free speech and media manipulation. Shipping now!

In early 2004, The Bots created the parody song “Fuzzy Math” using the real voice of George W Bush. We decided to put the entire 15,000 audio samples into a keyword-searchable online public domain database and encouraged other artists to make their own mixes using the voice of Dubya. We held a contest, offering software prizes for the best mixes, as determined by a popular vote.

The response was overwhelming. We received over 50 mixes from artists around the world, who had mixed the voice of George W Bush in with their own music. Dubya’s voice, sliced and diced to mock himself, tell the truth, and ramble incoherently, somehow sounds more plausible than his actual speeches. Bush Raps really is George W Bush’s first album, and it rocks!

This cd is jam-packed with as much of the best material from the contest as would fit on an audio cd. Buy your copy today, and own this incredible piece of political/musical history. Perfect for your Halloween party!
Order a cd through the month of October, and it will be shipped within 24 hours!

Bush Raps is a presidential parody collaboration album released in 2004 from various artists all over the world, organized by the virtual band named The Bots. The band normally deals with computer-synthesized music, however, in this case, the band created a 15,000 word database created from speeches made by US. President George W. Bush to make an album. Using this, they made the parody song “Fuzzy Math”. The song gained popularity and was later made into a music video. Reacting to the popularity of “Fuzzy Math”, The Bots put the database on their site so it could be downloaded by others, and announced a contest in which they would give away software to the people who made the best songs. The response was overwhelming with over 60 entries received, all of which can be heard at the band’s website. The Bots proceeded to put 20 of their favorite entries together along with “Fuzzy Math” on a CD which they named Bush Raps. They have since been selling the CD on their website to help cover the cost of webhosting, although everyone is still free to download the songs off of the website and are encouraged to make their own CD.

The sites for the individual artists are linked to at The Bots’ site, although some of them are no longer up. Interestingly, song number 21, “The True Confessions of George W. Bush”, does not use the contest database at all, and rather is composed of the actual artist singing along with the commercial clip, “My Name is George W. Bush and I approve this message.” The message was then edited to say “My name is George W. Bush and I approve this mess.”

The winning track, “The Evil Plans of George W. Bush III” was written by ex-UK producer Chelfyn Baxter after finding himself trapped in the US for 5 days after 9/11 while emigrating to live in New Zealand.

Track listing
1. The Evil Plans of George W. Bush III – Chelfyn
2. Fuzzy Math- The Bots
3. Death of Democracy- 37Hz
4. Dick is a Killer- The Party Party
5. Recycled Stuff- The Solano Project
6. The Tactics of Potholes- James Hopkinson
7. Party Tonight- The Loran Swelk Orchestra
8. We All Want Peace- Charltones
9. Fudge The Numbers- Lthrboots
10. Abu Garum- Dr. Laniac
11. Orange Plus- Namaste
12. Peace March- Pine
13. Bush’s Prayer- Frenz
14. Slice ‘O Heaven- Orri
15. The New Bushisms- MC Quake
16. Bush Don’t Quit- Internal
17. wwwBush- MC Articulate
18. GBMD- Brian Nowhere
19. Hundreds of Pounds- Broken Snowman
20. With You At My Side- Howard Amb & The Aborted
21. The True Confessions of George W. Bush- Michael R. Anderson & Band in America


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