Parody in Music by Frenz

Pic manipulation by Frenz

All Songs played by Frenz using  voice samples and the following software: Absynth,Ejay,Magix and Goldwave.

Manipulated Voicesamples of George Bush by Frenz.

Click on the titles to download.

Bush Comes Clean

Bush Confesses    

Bush Goes Arabic   

Bush Goes Funky    

Bush’s Prayer    

Don’t Mess With Bush    

End of the Light    

Everybody Loves Ya  

Fart Song    

Guys Like Me   

I Do Not Love You Anymore     

Increase Da Peace    

Keep Da Peace    

Make Me Shiver    

Nine Eleven    

Seven Words    

The Cuckoo Song    

The Mistake    

The New President   

The People’s Money   

The Plan    

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